Inspired Photography In Studio or On Location

Northern Towers is HQ located in B’Kara and with studios in Qormi and Hal Far or any were in Malta and/or Gozo

At Northern Towers we’ve loved the camera and what it can do with life. With it We’ve created a business and a career that’s passion to the core! As The Northern Towers offer inspired photography in our studio or on location, embracing many genres. We love every aspect of photography from capturing the personal milestones of life like engagements and weddings to maternity and newborn, kids, seniors, and families, to images that help businesses command attention like head-shots, product marketing, and corporate lifestyle imagery.
And we can’t forget Fashion, oh how our heart calls, so poetic and expressive, so playful and imaginative, a photographer’s dream! Most recently we’ve added home decor photography to my repertoire as over the years we have amassed quite a library of unique soulful images of nature. We hope what we will inspires you and if you are looking to be photographed we’d love the opportunity to connect and see how we may be of service, our camera & us.
“Seeing beauty everywhere I look in the world, I make photographs that sense the wonder of life, at one particular moment on the earth.”

  – Terree Yeagle, Photographer”

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“Is a picture really worth a thousand words? What thousand words? A thousand words from a lunatic, or a thousand words from Nietzsche? Actually, Nietzsche was a lunatic, but you see my point. What about a thousand words from a rambler vs. 500 words from Mark Twain? He could say the same thing quicker and with more force than almost any other writer. One thousand words from Ginsberg are not even worth one from Wilde. It’s wild to declare the equivalency of any picture with any army of 1,000 words. Words from a writer like Wordsworth make you appreciate what words are worth.”
― Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I’ve ever written, and it still sucks

We also provide and record special moments utilizing a number of Products to include