Malta Film Incentives


Malta offers natural  beauty, stunning locations, and  an exceptional quality of life.  Our islands have  doubled for every corner  of the globe from ancient Rome to Paris, Greece to Benghazi, with towns  old and  new.

Malta is a great place  to call home during  the months of production.

MALTA offers up to 40% cash rebate alongside a skilled workforce and a country proud to support the creative industries with the sort of experienced hands-on support that every filmmaker needs.

Northern Towers and The Malta Film Commission is passionate about supporting the creative industries on our islands, which is why we’re always working to attract, retain and expand business opportunities on our islands.

We offer a one-stop shop for filmmakers, supporting productions of all sizes and budgets.

Malta continues to be a leader in motion picture, television and commercial production. We are proud of Malta’s track record in the filming industry and today we are building together for the next generation of film-making.

Malta offers a world of opportunity for film makers.

And here at Northern Towers we are committed to make  it happen for your story and Film.


Rebate Cash Incentives

for filming in Malta

The incentives in Malta are in the form of a cash grant given to eligible productions on the qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta. Up to 40% of the eligible expenditure can be obtained as a cash rebate by a qualifying production company once filming is complete.  This must be applied for 40 days prior to starting the filming in Malta. For films which do not portray Malta as Malta or do not have special Maltese cultural content, the highest rebate is 35%.

Feature film and television productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries are all eligible for the incentives, provided that they are at least partially produced in Malta.

A qualifying production is required to present an application to the Malta Film Commission, including a detailed projection of the Malta budget for the production and completion of the Cultural Test as included in the application form. Upon assessment based on specific guidelines and performance in the Cultural Test, the Commission would grant a provisional approval no later than 3 weeks after receipt of the application.

The final approval would be granted upon review of a final application, including audited accounts and a detailed analysis of the production expenditure in Malta, after shooting is completed. The cash rebate is forwarded to a qualifying production no later than 5 months from the date of receipt of the final application.

Qualifying Expenditure

Expenditure incurred during production in Malta on EU services is eligible for a cash rebate, including the following items:

EU below-the-line labour, capped above-the-line labour, accommodation, transportation equipment and hire, location fees, catering services, per diems, leasing of offices, computer equipment, props, property, animals, select equipment, filming equipment, vehicles, and boats. Other qualifying expenditure includes wardrobe rentals, courtesy payments, telecommunications, craft service, laundry and cleaning services and professional services.Contact us for more comprehensive details of the incentive. Above the Line expenditure (Producer, Director, Actors, Stunts and their travel & living) and Heads of Departments are all capped under one ceiling of 300,000 Euros.

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Fiscal Incentives – The Malta Enterprise Act

Companies or individuals investing in audiovisual infrastructure in Malta can qualify for tax credits of up to 40% of their investment on the islands. The Government of Malta, under various legislative provisions, offers filmmakers the possibility to produce and distribute audiovisual productions from Malta and pay the lowest corporate tax rates in the European

There is also an incentive for foreign company directors/investors setting up a company in Malta whereby the final company tax paid is 5% as opposed to the standard 40%.