Dr. Mifsud, Ryan – Chairman

Multi-tasking as a producer, director, writer, editor and sometimes cameraman, Ryan has over the last 25 years developed a steady international reputation with a range of unique and critically acclaimed feature-documentaries about history, pop-culture, the mass media and the environment.

His work has earned him a nomination for Best Feature Documentary and two  nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction Film making – among many other awards.

Ryan attended MTADA which was under the directorship of director and actor the late Dr. Adrian Rendle, assisted by Theatre in Education expert Dr. Peter Cox. He was part of the first intakes of students; today reads like a who’s who of contemporary local theatre people… Michael Tabone, Monica Attard, Manuel Cauchi, Josette Ciappara et al. Ryan studied pioneer the teaching of drama, acting techniques and other aspects of theatre studies under people like Godwin Scerri, Mario Azzopardi (the current principal of the Drama Centre) and the late Tony Stroud.

Ryan launched his career in 1979  after finishing four years at MTADA, Ryan graduated as the youngest of his peers. Right after he worked and focused behind the scenes in different areas of theater and filming, returning to work for Late Mr. Tony Stroud and the Late make-up artist and actress Ms. Lina Galea Cumbo assisting them on film sets of Popeye (1980 – Robin Williams), Clash of the Titans (1981) and L’Ultimo Squalo (1981). After these productions Ryan immigrated to America and furthered his studies in New York theater and 2 years later moved to California in search of his dream.

Whilst in the USA he continued to study theater as a side line but focused more his studies on Business Management as he realized that theater and film was a business like any other organization. He then went to obtain his PhD in 2012 in Business Administration.

Ryan worked on several low budget films and other theater productions. He also directed several performances such as  “Beauty and the Beast” Los Angeles Theatre Center, CA ,  “The Man With No Name” Kirk Douglas Theatre, CA and many others; even several school productions in Malta.

On his return to Malta, Ryan set up PAM Productions with Ms. Mariella Pace Axiaq; Singer and performer, and after 5 years of successful productions such as Song Festivals, Fashion Shows and Official Fund Raising Functions moved to the UK where he stayed active in the local London Theater.

Ryan Mifsud is now back and with a younger more energetic group and has formed Northern Towers where he hopes he can be of an inspiration to the the upcoming generation whilst supplying a service to the Media, theater and film Community in Malta.